Meadowhall Shopping Centre Sheffield is one of the top 5 Regional Centre’s in the UK. Meadowhall had a requiremenst to understand the trading patterns of the Centre, evaluate marketing activity, assess ROI, and be able to target stores that were underperforming with bespoke marketing campaigns before they realised there was an issue. 

The Centre also needed to look at the impact of new stores in the Centre, how they impacted on the overall trade and grew market share. The Centre knew the available spend within the catchment for each category and needed a system to enable them to understand this data and use targeted marketing campaigns to get customers in to spend. In conjunction with the Centre, Springboard developed a system that was quick and simple to use, giving the retailers what they required in a quick manner.

The system enables them to visually understand their full performance without adding to their existing workload. As a result, the Centre has increased it’s overall spend, is able to understand its performance quickly and efficiently as well as improving the management team relationship with the retailers.