Whiteley Shopping Centre enabled British Land and Springboard to expand the boundaries of performance measurement and use the data to understand key challenges in the retail trading environment.


  • How many people are coming to the Centre and where do they shop?
  • What are the occupancy levels of the car park and how does the size of the car park translate to number of customers within the Centre
  • What is the relationship between footfall and spend?
  • How to know when to proactively assist retailers with marketing support or additional space where needed?

Springboard counts the complete customer journey at Whiteley. Our cameras count the vehicles as they enter the car park, customers as they come through each entrance, footfall along each of the malls, how many people walk past each store, the % of those that enter the store and finally, the daily sales of 87% of the retailers.

Therefore, British Land know where customers are coming from and where they are going to. By measuring at individual retail level, the team can see who is doing well, and offer them additional space and who is not doing well and offer the retailer additional marketing support.

On a Centre level, this enables the management team to proactively support their retailers, implement additional signage, assess the impact of marketing activity and understand how different times of the day, week and year affect trade.

On a portfolio level, having insight into the performance of retail categories across all retail environments through benchmarking aids both retailers and asset teams understand where to invest in the future.