Retailers - Springboard services enable you to understand location, analyse portoflio performance and evolve insight driven strategies.
  • Want to understand if your store is converting the potential of its location?
  • Town centre locations versus out of town?
  • Need to benchmark against regional variations?
  • Want to measure the effect of trade cannibalisation?
  • Trade variations occurring throughout the day and need to understand day versus evening trade?
  • Is brand performance in line with the external environment? 

Are these challenges that you are facing?

Delivering unrivalled retail intelligence, Springboard can address all of these challenges. Measuring sales and footfall throughout the UK, US and parts of Europe, we can benchmark your brands performance.

Town centre versus out of town?

Springboard measures over 4500 locations and releases benchmarks on a weekly basis. The High Street Index, Shopping Centre Index and Retail Park Index are available on a weekly basis and benchmark against previous week, month and year culminating in the Springboard Index. Springboard insights put these figures into context, providing you with an understanding of external forces, which have affected performance.  

Regional variations? 

Our indices are split into a regional breakdown, providing insight and benchmarks across the country. 

In the UK, Springboard follow the BRC regional split, demonstrating performance across 10 locations: East, East Midlands, Greater London, North & Yorkshire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales and West Midlands. 

In Sweden, our indices are split into North, Central and South. 

And in North America, our benchmarks are split by State, Region and population size. 

Trade cannibalisation? 

Opening multiple locations within a geographic area or competitors opening in the same location has an affect on trade. With sales collection from over 4500 retailers and visitor counting measurement, Springboard can provide insight into the performance of your brand within any given environment.

A single Springboard counter can measure multiple directions building a database of visitors walking past the store, peel off into the unit and measuring dwell time in front of the window. Combined with our sales collection, brands can understand the complete customer journey.

Trade variations occurring throughout the day and need to understand day and evening trade?

Day part is an increasingly relevant topic within the retail sector. The variation of trade within a retail environment and the fulfillment of diverse customer requirement has resulted in locations performing better at different times.

Our counting technology polls visitor counts on an hourly basis, which means that we can analyse the data along any time split but crucially comparing the daytime economy to nighttime at any location.

Is brand performance in line with the external environment?

Springboard count 68% of the UK’s population and millions more across the world. We also track and index over 1200 Retailers’ sales. This plethora of information enables brands to understand market share within location and category.