Downtowns - Springboard's extensive experience in monitoring complex outdoor environments ensures our clients understand the full performance of their area from ped and vehicle counts to retailer sales.

Each downtown environment we work with is unique requiring a bespoke project to ensure a breadth and accuracy of data and insights designed to fit with our individual client needs.

Do you know how many people visit your downtown and how much they spend?

  • Need accurate and compelling data to recruit urban retailers?
  • Struggling to demonstrate ROI for initiatives and events?
  • Eager to build a dialogue with your retailers based on reliable and objective data?
  • Looking to measure vibrancy in your district?
  • Ready for no hassle and accurate measures of ped counts?

Springboard counts pedestrians and vehicles in complex environments ensuring that our clients understand the full performance of their area.

Using our metrics, you understand the customer journey within your district, from visitor counting to retail spend.

We monitor flows in locations of all types and sizes, working with a range of organisations, which include City and Town Centre Management companies, Business Improvement Districts, venue operators and property owners. Each day, Springboard captures over 10 million pedestrian movements.

The flexibility and accuracy of Springboard’s technical solution enables it to embrace the full range of external town centre environments, which include large pedestrianised areas, trafficked streets, main arterial routes and narrow alleyways.

In addition, our Perform sales analysis service, tracking sales across the district enables clients to measure and understand the relationship between visitors and spend.

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