Springboard delivers your insights through 4 primary channels: Bespoke reports delivered direct your inbox, through our Live Counting App, our web based analysis tool Springboard Analyser and a data feed directly into your system.

Bespoke Reports:

Springboard work hard to ensure that we produce reports that deliver to you the information you need in a beautiful and engaging way. We work closely with you to comprehensively understand the metrics and information you require to fully understand the performance of your business. Our reports offer a precise graphical representation of your performance, overlayed with other data sets and benchmarks with insight commentary so that you and your stakeholders can understand the sites performance. Click here to view a sample report.

Springboard Analyser:

Our online analysis website enables you to cut and carve your data along with other data sets to fully interrogate your data. Complete with a calendar facility to save your events, weather for your site and portfolio, sales, footfall and car data you can use the site to understand your performance and the context of the performance for any hour, day, week, month, quarter or year. Available as a data feed or instantly understandable infographics. To see how our Analyser works click here.

Data Feed:

We are able to provide a regular datafeed via https in either html, xml or json format at whatever frequency is required.

Live Counting:

Our new live counting app shows a snapshot in time view of the visitor count at any time of the day.  This data has not been through our robust verification process but is ideal for event and operational moment real time performance.