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The question

Rotherham Local Authority have been collecting footfall data with Springboard since 2003, and continue to monitor this in the town centre. Insight from the data collected has enabled Rotherham to strengthen retail and leisure offer, drive footfall and bring back customers lost to other shopping centres nearby.

As part of their physical regeration programme, Rotherham installed our counters in key locations across the town centre which have enabled them to review positive footfall trends in regenerated areas and generally across the town.

Our approach


Springboard’s data is used to benchmark Rotherham’s performance regionally and nationally, which has encouraged the council and other partners to direct resources to further revitalise the town centre and it’s retailer offer.

In addition to footfall throughout the town centre, Rotherham record vacancy rates and information on their retailer mix - this information meant that they can present the facts, rather than what people think about the town centre - which has been useful for local stakeholders and potential investors or businesses looking to open stores in Rotherham.


The independently sourced footfall data for the town centre dates back to 2013, which Rotherham continues to use, along with retailer sales performance, basket size and spend to monitor sales conversions from investment and developments.

Our findings

“We’ve used the data to show how investments have made a difference in the regenerated areas both with retailer sales performance and increased footfall, and attract a wider viditor demographic.”

Bernadette Rushton,
Retail Investment Manager, Rotherham Local Authority


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